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Links for Farmville Giftable Items

Tags: games, news

Here are listed links for important giftable items in Farmville, including, but not limited to collectible items and construction materials. List will be updated with new links constantly.

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New Site Launched

Tags: news

Finally, new version of my personal site launched. In comparison with the previous one, there are enough changes (is essence the whole site was rewritten) in a new site, to be able to call it separate project.

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Project of a day


Tags: browser, extension

Used languages: JavaScript, XML, XHTML, CSS

UniCrypt calculates hash of the given string using MD5, SHA1, SHA256 algorithms and encrypts/decrypts string using URI, base64, xxTEA, AES (with 128, 256 and 512 bit key), Blowfish algorithms.

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